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About Us

MergEX is Your Express Delivery Partner

Merge Express limited (MergEx) is a delivery company with the aim to pick up, deliver and move any document or parcel, from a simple envelop to a precious item, making sure it arrives safe and sound to its destination.

Our main objective is to be the fastest and most reliable provider of express delivery services nationwide.

For us quality is more than just a word. It is how we show loyalty to our customers who have entrusted us to help move their packages.


Shop & Drop (pick and Drop) Errand

Are You busy? we got your back. we shop for you and deliver to your doorstep.
Our “Delivery Associate” will shop for any item on the customers list. This service allows the customer to dictate what they need to have picked up and from where, and then provides the location necessary. A comment option is also available for the customer to communicate with the Delivery Associate and list the items to be purchased on his/her behalf.
When the user is busy and cannot do the chore of picking up or dropping something off, Our DA will be there to assist: Trusted, Reliable and Efficient.
We also provide an on-demand service where customers can order and have delivered any items desired, from personal errands and retail items, that fit in the 32x32x32 box and weighs a maximum of 7 kgs. Our Delivery Associates will be able to pick up anything forgotten or grab a delivery from a friend and deliver it to customers.
Our goal is to help everyone buy from any shop of their choice and deliver to their doorstep. Are you too busy ? are you running late and held in the traffic? Do you need anything to be shopped and dropped at your door step without hassle? make an order or WhatsApp us the details.


Our mission is to provide quality and unbeatable services to our customers. As customers satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Our vision is to be the most sort after pickup & delivery company by providing our services to different parts of the globe.

Collect On Delivery

We collect your money from your customers at delivery and send to your bank account.

This is another form of cash on delivery. It is the sale of goods by mail order where payment is made on delivery rather than in advance. we deliver the items to the buyer and collect cash which is in turn transferred to the seller’s bank account.