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In Ordering a Pickup & delivery, shop & Drop, COD, or any of our services, the customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Contract contained herein.

The Customer is responsible for adequately packaging all goods to protect the package and ensure safe transportation with ordinary care and handling. The customer must label each package and further warrants that the contents of the shipment may be lawfully carried over public roads and highways and/or aboard aircraft, and is not prohibited under any applicable law or regulation. MergEx is not responsible for concealed damage, or damage to goods not boxed or packaged properly.

Limitations on Liability and Liabilities not Assumed

MergEx Insurance
MergEx wants you to feel confident that your transported Items ordered through the website are in good hands.
The “MergEx account holders” will be reimbursed for loss of or damage to the Item incurred during a delivery and arising solely and directly from a MergEx gross negligence or an untoward act.
In no event shall MergEx have any liability to the Users or to any third party for any special, indirect, exemplary, punitive or consequential loss or damage (including damages or claims in the nature of lost revenue, income, profits or investment opportunities).
MergEx Service liability for loss or damage to your package is limited to your actual damages or $50, unless you declare a higher value at the time will not be liable for any damages whether direct, incidental MergEx Service had knowledge that such damages might be incurred including, but not limited to loss of income or profits.
MergEx will not be liable for your acts or omissions including, but not limited to improper or insufficient packing, securing, marking or addressing, or for the acts or omissions of the recipient or anyone else with an interest in the package. Also, MergEx will not be liable, if you or recipient violates any of the terms of this document. MergEx will not be liable for loss of or damage to shipments of items prohibited by law. MergEx will not be liable for loss, damage or delay caused by events Merge Express limited cannot control, including but not limited to acts of God, perils of air, weather conditions, heavy traffic & road conditions, acts of public enemies, wars, strikes, civil commotions or acts or omissions of public authorities (including customs and quarantine officials) with actual or apparent authority.
MergEx will assume no liability for loss or damage to “EXTRAORDINARY VALUE” items, which include artwork, jewelry, furs, precious metals, cash and negotiable instruments. In addition, MergEx will not be liable for any loss or claim due to the late delivery of a shipment.

Filing a Claim
All claims must be made in writing within 24hrs of the delivery in which the loss or damage occurred. Claims must be made in writing along with invoice or receipt for damaged goods. If the recipient accepts your package without noting any damage on the delivery record, Merge Express limited will assume that the package was delivered in good condition. In order for MergEx to process your claim, you must, to the extent possible, provide the original shipping/delivery cartons and packing for inspection.

Dry Run/No Load
An order which is not canceled prior to the driver’s arrival will be assessed the full delivery charge, or other appropriate charge(s) per already established.

Registration and Warranties upon Registration
To be able to use MergEx Services, Users may be required to register an account prior to requesting any Service.
All Users hereby warrant and represent that the data they will provide for the registration of their account is true, accurate and complete. Users shall report to MergEx any changes in the registration data without undue delay.

Merge Express Prohibited Items
All Customers are prohibited from including any prohibited item, containing the following prohibited items:
1. Firearms or weapons of any kind, any firearm or weapons parts, or ammunition in any amount
2. Anything illegal in accordance with Applicable Laws, including, without limitation, drugs.
3. People as well as remains or components thereof;
4. Live animals
5. Any hazardous or dangerous material;
6. Any hazardous waste;
7. Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odor of any kind;
8. Waste or garbage for disposal.

It is every Customer’s duty and obligation to inform us of Items contained in a pickup & delivery and to know and comply with all Applicable Laws relating to the pickup and drop-off locations of any item, including without limitation, those laws prohibiting the transportation or shipment of certain goods, restricting the amounts of certain items that can be shipped and age restrictions. MergEx shall not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the breach by Customers of these T& C's or any violation by Customers of any Applicable Laws during the execution of, or with respect to any Items contained in a pickup and delivery or otherwise.

MergEx User Agreement
This MergExDelivery User Agreement is part of MergEx Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) unless otherwise defined below.
By using our Services or Applications, each User who contracts with us to pick up, transport and deliver an Item using MergEx Services and Applications warrants and agrees that he/she:

1. Is at least 18 years of age and has all right and authority to lawfully enter into the terms of this agreement in his/her own name or on behalf of an entity that is the other party hereto or is at least 15 years of age and has all right and authority to lawfully enter into this agreement in his/her own name but with the written consent of his/her legal guardian.
2 Owns or otherwise has the full right and authority to request the performance of our services (pickup,delivery, shop and drop etc)
3 Has not and will not include in a requested pickup or delivery any Prohibited Items as listed in the T&C.
4 Will disclose and provide photographs of all Items subject to a pickup & Delivery request.
5. Acknowledges and agrees that the MergEx Insurance Plan does not cover reimbursement for any loss or damage resulting from (1) any breach of this Agreement or T&C; (2) sending or receiving any items that is Prohibited or (3) inadequate packing of an Item.
6. Acknowledges and agrees that under MergEx Insurance Plan does not exceed $50 per Trip.
7. Acknowledges and undertakes, as a Sender, to comply with MergEx T&C and all Applicable Laws relating, directly or indirectly, to the packing and transport of an Item.
8. Will only contract with us through MergEx website Services and Applications and will not engage in outside transactions with any User.
9. Is responsible for lifting and carrying all Items sent with us and is responsible for placing them in or removing them from the vehicle/motorcycle/scooter and hereby acknowledges that a mergEX employee is not a mover and is not responsible for lifting or otherwise moving any Item during a Move or trip.
10. Acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement is made anew for each and every pickup & delivery ordered by him/her.